BusinessLink Connects Drivers with Fleet Vehicles for Their Business


Here at Dick Scott Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, we're not only looking out for those who need an everyday vehicle they can count on, but we're also helping businesses in our area. If you're in need of a fleet of trucks or cargo vans we have you covered, and it's all possible through BusinessLink.

A service that's provided to all business owners, you're getting the benefit of RAM cargo vans and trucks in a variety of sizes and capabilities. With each one there's the benefit of a dependable and reliable option that you can configure to meet your business needs. We've helped out landscapers and contractors along with caterers and delivery services to find their ideal truck or van, which gives them the power to customize and outfit it as they see fit.

With BusinessLink, you're getting many benefits which includes next-bay service, shuttle service, loaner vehicles, extended service hours and a dedicated account manager so your process is streamlined, and your business needs are met. Not only that, but it simple to find out if you're eligible. If you have business forms like incorporation documents or a business tax return that should be enough to verify your status.

Of course, we'll help you throughout the entire thing, but it's always good to know that your fleet can be serviced and maintained through us as we have the fleet vehicles to meet the demands of your growing business. Contact us to learn more and we can get started with you today.

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